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Subliminal Messages vs. Hypnosis Online

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Subliminal Messages vs. Hypnosis is an age old debate.

 I must add that I love them both — Subliminal Messaging AND Hypnosis AND Self Hypnosis!

 Hypnosis Online or Subliminal Messages?

 Hypnosis Online & Subliminal Messages are easy to use.

 Hypnosis Online & Subliminal Messages are very effective.

 Hypnosis Online & Subliminal Messages speak to your subconscious mind.

 Hypnosis Online & Subliminal Messages are probably the most effective tools available for manifestation, self improvement AND motivation.

 However, with hypnosis…   you need your eyes closed…

 With hypnosis…   no driving your car… 

 With hypnosis…   a higher IQ is required…

 With hypnosis…   you need AT LEAST 10 minutes of eyes closed / quiet time…

 With subliminal messages…   you can use them while you are doing other things…  With subliminal mp3s or other subliminal recordings like .wav you can listen while you are driving.

 With subliminal messages…   they are effective within seconds…  in the case of subliminal messages in advertising…   milli-seconds.

 With subliminal messages…   you can use them as much as you want as often as you want…   all day every day if you want!

 In my opinion, these are the only 2 self improvement resources one would need to make a HUGE improvement in their perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and results!

 The Subconscious Mind is a Powerful Thing…   Maybe the most powerful…  It sees and records everything whether you like it or not.  It is by modifying the program in your subconscious mind that you “change your glasses” or modify the filter that your brain has. 

 Subliminal messaging AND hypnosis are not only profitable AND pleasurable, they are fun!!

 Speaking of fun, have you ever tried erotic hypnosis or subliminal sex messages?

 What did you think?  Please tell us below…